Jen Bervin

Jen Bervin

Art & Installations

  • Contents TheSilkPoems

    A poem written nanoscale in the form of a silk biosensor, the Silk Poems takes this ancient textile material silk as subject and form, exploring the cultural, scientific, and linguistic complexities of silk imagined inside the body.

    Silk Poems
  • Jen Bervin, Silk Line

    In Jen Bervin's performative drawing Silk Line, she used a white pencil on glass to draw forms based on the filament pattern the silkworm makes in creating its cocoon.

    Silk Line
  • Contents River

    Jen Bervin’s installation River is a reversal, a geocentric scale model of the Mississippi River in hand-sewn silver sequins. The scale is one inch to one mile. Fully installed, it is nearly two-thirds of a football field in length.

  • Contents SuHui

    Su Hui’s Reversible Poem focuses on a year-long conversation among contemporary Chinese embroiders about one of the earliest and most complex poems written by a woman.

    Su Hui’s Reversible Poem
  • Jen Bervin and Christina Davis, This Object Has Been Removed, a collaborative installation at Harvard Museum of Natural History. Photographs courtesy of Christina Davis.

    This Object Has Been Removed, a collaborative installation, plays upon the trope of “removal” signage—which usually indicates that an object is on loan to another institution or is undergoing preservation treatment.

    This Object Has Been Removed
  • Contents Gridspace

    Over the course of a month, Jen Bervin made a large weaving directly onto Gridspace’s iron fence in Brooklyn.

    Weaving at Gridspace

Dickinson Projects

  • Contents GNTrade236

    The Gorgeous Nothings by Jen Bervin and Marta Werner is the first full-color facsimile trade book of Emily Dickinson's manuscripts.

    The Gorgeous Nothings Book
  • Contents GNEdition

    The Gorgeous Nothings: Emily Dickinson's Envelope-Poems by Jen Bervin and Marta Werner is a limited-edition artist book based on Dickinson's late compositions on envelopes.

    The Gorgeous Nothings Edition
  • Jen Bervin The Dickinson Fascicles

    A series of large-scale embroideries, The Dickinson Composites depict the poet Emily Dickinson’s variant marks in her manuscripts.

    The Dickinson Composites Series
  • Jen Bervin The Dickinson Composites

    This artist book edition from Granary Books focuses on The Dickinson Composites, Jen Bervin's series of large scale embroideries on the poet Emily Dickinson's variant marks.

    The Dickinson Composites Edition

Poetry & Artist Books

  • Jen Bervin, Nets (UDP 2014)

    A book created within a palimpsest of Shakespeare’s sonnets to yield crystalline and prescient new poems.

  • Contents Desert

    Each quietly monumental book has been machine-sewn "readily as glaciers," with over five thousand yards of pale blue thread, through chapters of John Van Dyke's The Desert, to yield beautifully strange new poems.

    The Desert
  • Contents SilverBook

    A long spare poem a few years in the writing, typed by the author on an Olympia de Luxe cursive typewriter found on Union Street in Brooklyn one summer.

    The Silver Book
  • Contents DraftNotation

    Bervin made the typed studies in the edition Draft Notation following intensive time spent weaving advanced cloth structures on the loom.

    Draft Notation