Jen Bervin


  • Bervin Work Meander Detail
  • Bervin Work River
  • Bervin Work Delta Closeup
  • Bervin Work Meanderbelt
  • Bervin Work Ann Looking
  • Bervin Work River Mg
  • Work  River Mirrored Delta

In Jen Bervin’s large-scale installation River, a hand-sewn model of the Mississippi River in silver sequins, you see the river reversed, mapped from the geocentric perspective— from inside the earth’s interior looking up at the riverbed. 

The scale is one inch to one mile. It took ten years to make, and the same amount of time to sew each section of river that it would to walk the real one. The piece begins at Lake Itasca in Minnesota and ends at the bird-foot delta south of New Orleans, Louisiana in the Gulf of Mexico.

The first exhibition of the entire piece will be at the Des Moines Art Center in 2018, curated by Alison Ferris.