Jen Bervin

This Object Has Been Removed

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This Object Has Been Removed, a collaborative installation, plays upon the trope of “removal” signage—which usually indicates that an object is on loan to another institution or is undergoing preservation treatment.

During installation, no objects were actually removed to accommodate these sign placements; they only appeared to be. The concept was a collaborative one with Christina Davis, poet and curator of the Woodberry Poetry Room, and Jen Bervin, poet and visual artist, who worked together to create this project, in conjunction with a group of Harvard students and members of the literary community for the purposes of debuting it at “Bizarre Animals 2.0: An Evening of Contemporary Art Interventions” at the Harvard Museum of Natural History, curated by Tom Scanlon.

Two months prior to the exhibition, Bervin led a writing workshop at HMNH sponsored by the Woodberry Poetry Room. Participating writers included Grace Egbert, Adam Ortman, Anna Kamerow, Kent Leatham, Amaranth Borsuk, Zuzana Husarova, Susan Lloyd McGarry, Sasha Prevost, Sandra Lim, Amy Woods, Haley Hemen, Larry Bole, Stephanie Wang, Dan Wuenschel, and Kythe Heller. Together, Bervin and Davis selected and placed texts by participating writers using signage designed by Christina Davis to match that of the museum.